Guiding Principles

  1. Student’s First: When performing its duties, Education One always assesses whether its actions will prepare students for success in higher education, their careers, and life

  1. High Expectations: Education One expects the charter schools it authorizes to set high academic achievement expectations, develop strong plans for family and community engagement, and adhere to high ethical standards for students, staff and board members. Similarly, Education One establishes high performance expectations, engagement plans, and ethical standards for itself

  1. Intervention Services: Education One requires that all schools provide a variety of intervention services including but not limited to:
    • Tutoring and Supplemental Education Services
    • Dual-Enrollment Program
    • Youth Enrichment
    • Family Services
    • Health Services
    • Advanced Instruction

  1. Commitment to Innovation: Education One is particularly interested in operators that show strong potential to accelerate student success through the use of technology in the classroom, take home technology, year around school calendars, online, STEM and blended learning models, as well as other innovative approaches to education

  1. Active Engagement: Education One holds schools accountable through a school-specific accountability plan and an active engagement model that ensures our staff are continuously participating in a variety of activities that help us ensure student success