Guiding Principles

The following Guiding Principles are the core values that define Education One, as a charter school authorizer.  These Principles drive our decision making, process for continuous improvement, and authorizing policies for Education One.

Students First:  When performing its duties, Education One always assesses whether its actions will prepare students for success in higher education, their careers, and life.  We believe that by putting students and families first, schools, and the communities in which they serve, will thrive!

High Expectations:  Education One expects the charter schools it authorizes to set high academic achievement expectations, develop strong plans for family and community engagement, and adhere to high ethical standards for students, staff, and board members.  Similarly, Education One establishes high performance expectations, engagement plans, and ethical values for itself by adhering to the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) principles and standards.

Educator’s Lens:  Education One is an authorizing office made up of educators with a variety of experiences in education working as teachers, instructional coaches, building principals, curriculum developers, and regional academic support leaders.  It is through the lens of the educator that Education One establishes intentional and purposeful procedures and structures for its charter schools, in order to foster an environment in our schools where students, school staff, and leadership teams feel productive, accomplished and supported.

Commitment to Innovation:  Education One is particularly interested in operators that show strong potential to accelerate student success through the use of technology in the classroom, take home technology, year-round school calendars, online, STEM, and blended learning models, as well as other innovative approaches to education.

Partnership and Collaboration:  As a university authorizer, Education One recognizes the wealth of resources being a part of a larger campus culture provides us.  We view this as an opportunity to provide resources to our schools to enhance and benefit students and school staff.  Education One partners with university student groups, Greek life, athletic offices, etc. to provide resources to our schools that align with their unique needs.  These include, but aren’t limited to, clothing drives, donation of school supplies/materials, campus field trips, extra-curricular fundraising, and internship opportunities.

Additionally, Education One works to collaborate with the Franks School of Education, Ketner School of Business, School of Engineering and the Center for Innovation to promote interaction and collaboration between the university and schools we authorize.

Continuous Improvement:  Education One holds its schools accountable through the creation and implementation of rigorous school-specific Accountability Plans, that reflect an active growth mindset engagement model, and ensure school staff are continuously participating in a variety of activities in order to effectively measure student success.

Protecting School Autonomy:  Education One values the professionalism of the staff and leaders at its charter schools and believes that these leaders know how to best serve their students and families, in order to ensure their success.  Education One values school autonomy and believes that it is a school’s right to make high stakes decisions surrounding student achievement, day-to-day operations, oversight, staffing, etc.  As a partner, Education One works with schools to understand their specific needs and the direction they are working to move in, and provides support and/or resources to help schools reach their goals, whenever possible.

Support and Advance Charter School Law:  Education One works closely with state legislators and charter school leaders to support and advance laws that benefit the charter school movement as a whole, as well as the individual schools within its portfolio.

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