Charter Amendments

If a chartered school wishes to alter the terms and conditions of the Charter Agreement with Education One, then that school must follow the Amendment Protocol to make the desired changes to the Charter.

Amendment Process:

An amendment to an Education One Charter Agreement :

Step 1:

Must be approved by a majority of the members of the school’s Board of Directors during a vote held during a Board Meeting

Step 2:

A request for the proposed amendment must be sent in writing to the Managing Director of Education One. This request must outline the specific proposed amendment and clearly state that it has been approved by a majority of the school board members

Step 3:

The Managing Director of Education One will notify the school board if the request has been granted or denied. If the request is accepted, the Managing Director of Education One will also send the Board the documentation required to formalize the amendment

If a school’s Board of Directors wishes to change the location of a school, the grades taught at the school, or contract an Educational Management Organization for school administration when previously no such organization was utilized, the Board of Directors must notify the Managing Director of Education One with their request. The Managing Director must also be notified if a Board wishes to alter the governance structure, enrollment capacity, or school calendar from the original Charter Agreement.