Charter Renewal

Education One, LLC., in accordance with IC 20-24-4-1, has developed a charter school renewal process to ensure fair and timely decision making related to charter renewal.

Renewal Visial

Stakeholder Survey:  Education One understands that a school is an important part of any community.  Parents, students and staff all have a vested interest in a school and their thoughts/opinions should be considered when making high stakes decisions related to the future of a charter school.  Therefore, an important part of Education One’s Renewal Process is collecting stakeholder survey data.  Parents, students and staff will have an opportunity to share their thoughts with the Education One Team via an electronic survey, prior to a school’s renewal decision being made.

External Review:  In order to objectively obtain a snapshot of a school’s performance, Education One will assemble an External Review Team to conduct a multi-day review of its schools.  The External Review Team is responsible for meeting with the Principal/School Leadership Team, interviewing School Board Members, conducting classroom walk-throughs, and reviewing Stakeholder Survey data.  Upon completion of the review, the External Review Team will compile a report for the Education One Team, detailing the school’s performance in accordance with their Accountability Plan Performance Rubric.

School Performance Report/Contractual Review :  In conjunction with the External Review, the Education One Team will compile a detailed academic, financial and governance overview of a school’s performance throughout the term of their charter contract, in accordance with the school’s Accountability Plan.  The school may also submit additional evidence, beyond the data contained in its performance report, supporting its case for charter renewal.

Renewal Recommendation:  With careful consideration of all evidence, including but not limited to, the External Review Team Report, Stakeholder Survey data, and School Performance Report/Contractual Review, the Managing Director for Education One will make a formal recommendation to the Education One Board regarding whether or not to renew a school’s charter contract.  This recommendation will be shared with the school board chair and principal in advance of the Education One board meeting.  If the recommendation is to non-renew, the Organizer may respond in writing within 20 days, showing cause as to why the Charter should be renewed and/or proposing to cure the specified condition.  All documents submitted will be presented to the Education One Board, along with the Managing Director’s recommendation.

Education One Board Vote:  The Education One Board will vote on the renewal of a school’s charter, including the term of the charter, based on the Managing Director’s recommendation, a compilation of the School Performance Report/Contractual Review, the External Review Team Report, and any additional documentation received from the school.  The Education One Board’s vote to renew or nonrenew a school is final.  Within 24 hours of the board vote, the Organizer will be notified of the decision via the school’s board chair and principal.

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