Monitoring and Oversight

As a charter school authorizer, Education One, LLC. values accountability coupled with collaboration, in order to promote school autonomy and foster a high quality educational environment for all students.  Accountability is monitored through the collection of monthly reporting documents, as well as in-person site visits, while collaboration is promoted through routine meetings, allowing for a deep understanding of each school’s unique needs and providing opportunities for authorizer support.  With an emphasis on school autonomy, coupled with high expectations and transparent and clear communication, Education One is an effective and supportive charter school authorizer and partner.  More information regarding our processes for Monitoring and Oversight can be found below.

Monitoring and Oversight During COVID-19

Pre-Opening Site Visits:  These visits are carried out before the school is operational to ensure that all of the various regulations concerning building safety, curricular guidelines, and financial structure are in place.

Annual Leadership Seminar:  Education One recognizes the importance of collaboration and strong communication with each of its schools, in order to ensure our processes and procedures are as transparent and effective as possible.  To do this, Education One hosts an Annual Leadership Seminar on the Trine University campus for all School Board Members, Principals and School Leadership Team Members.  This seminar is geared toward policy and legislative changes, Accountability Plan updates, instructional best practices, and ongoing trends/areas of need specific to each of our schools.  Our schools are also provided opportunities to network and collaborate with one another.        

New Leader Orientation:  When a new School Leader and/or member of a School Leadership Team is hired, Education One meets directly with these individuals to provide New Leader Orientation.  During this training, members of the Education One Team will outline expectations, roles and responsibilities, accountability and monthly reporting requirements and monitoring and oversight visits.  The goal of this meeting is to ensure all new staff have a clear understanding of the school’s partnership with Education One, as well as a firm grasp on the performance expectations they are accountable for meeting.

Monthly Site Visit: In order to monitor a school’s performance, in accordance with the metrics outlined in their Accountability Plan, Education One conducts monthly, in-person site visits at each of its schools.  During these site visits, the Education One Team completes classroom walk-throughs, meets with the School Leadership Team, collects attendance data, and monitors the overall effectiveness of “Instruction”, as defined by the indicators noted in the school’s Accountability Plan Performance Framework.  After each site visit, the Education One Team meets with the School Leadership Team to debrief and assign updated monthly ratings (snapshots) according to the school’s Accountability Plan Performance Rubric.  These ratings are captured on the school’s Accountability Plan Status Update, and are shared out with the school’s board during monthly board meetings. 

In the event that a school provides instruction to students virtually, the Education One team will conduct virtual site visits, monitoring the overall effectiveness of “Instruction”, as defined in the school’s Accountability Plan, in the same manner described above.  Please see the Education One Remote Learning Protocol for more information.

Sample Accountability Plan 

Board Meeting Attendance: Members of the Education One Team attend all monthly board meetings for Education One sponsored schools.  During each board meeting, the Education One Team monitors and rates effective board governance, in accordance with the rubric outlined in each school’s Accountability Plan.  Education One also presents an updated school specific Accountability Plan Status Update to each of its school boards each month.  This document is a dashboard, utilized by the board to monitor school performance in accordance with the metrics outlined in a school’s Accountability Plan Performance Framework.   

Mid-Month Monitoring and Accountability Visit: In an effort to support school autonomy and to further collaborate with its schools, Education One conducts Mid-Month Monitoring and Accountability Visits.  During these visits, members of the Education One Team meet with members of the School Leadership Team to support school specific initiatives, monitor progress towards goals based on the most recent Site Visit, and provide schools with additional resources, as requested, in order to help them reach their school specific goals.

Quarterly EL/SPED Compliance Visits: In order to effectively monitor the quality of Special Education and English Learner programs at a school, Education One’s Compliance Officer will conduct Quarterly Compliance Visits throughout the school year.  These visits will take place on site, and will include a combination of document reviews, as well as classroom observations.  Following the visit, the school will receive a copy of all findings via a Compliance Review Summary Letter.  Any findings that are not in compliance with the metrics outlined in the school’s Accountability Plan Performance Framework will require follow-up with the Education One team. 

Annual Review Visit:  In accordance with statute, Education One conducts an Annual Review of each of its schools in order to rate the school’s overall effectiveness according to their Accountability Plan Performance Rubric.  Data collected during Annual Review Visits is both qualitative, and quantitative and is used as the basis for completing each school’s Annual Review Report.  Reports are finalized at the end of each school year, and are made available to the public on the Education One website.

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