School Closure


During the renewal process, the Managing Director of Education one will evaluate the overall effectiveness of a school as an educational institution and recommend to the Education One Board of Directors to either renew or not renew the school’s Charter Agreement. If the Managing Director recommends to not renew the Charter Agreement, the School Board Chair and the Principal of the school will receive copies of the recommendation. A representative of the school will then be given time to address the Managing Director’s recommendation and to request an appeal hearing. If a hearing is requested, the school will make a presentation to a separate Hearing Panel, explaining why the school should be renewed. The Hearing Panel, in conjunction with the Managing Director, will submit their final recommendation for renewal to the Education One Board of Directors. Based on these recommendations, the Education One Board of Directors will vote on the renewal of the Charter Agreement. If the charter is not renewed, the School Board Chair and the Principal of the school will be notified and provided with nonrenewal information, including the date of expiration.

When a school chartered through Education One is closed, all parents of students will be notified to allow enough time for students and their records to move to new schools. Education One will also closely monitor the closure process to ensure proper protocol is followed with school property and remaining funds. This process is the same for instances of nonrenewal and revocation. A more detailed description of the closure process can be found in the Education One’s Closure Protocol.


Education One reserves the right to revoke a Charter Agreement before expiration in response to severe breaches of the agreement. Revocation of a charter can only occur if sufficient evidence is present to prove that such a breach did occur.