Site Visits

Education One is committed to ensuring that its schools provide the best education possible. This is accomplished through the development of strong partnerships with our schools coupled with maintaining a high level of oversight. Through frequent collaboration in the form of site visits we work to ensure student needs are met. Numerous types of site visits are utilized to provide oversight, including:

Pre-opening Site Visits are carried out before the school is operational to ensure that all of the various regulations concerning building safety, curricular guidelines, and financial structure are in place

Monitoring Site Visits are held once per month by the Managing Director and further promote the partnership between Education One and the school. Monitoring Site Visits allow Education One to gain insight into the uniqueness of each of our schools and to better collaborate in order to meet each school’s specific needs. These informal site visits may be held with or without advance notice

Annual Reviews are held in the spring of each year, and focus on how well a school is performing with regard to its educational, financial, and administrative expectations. During an Annual Review, the Managing Director will interview numerous school officials, observe classroom instruction and student behavior, meet with parents, and analyze school specific documentation in order to glean a complete picture of the school