Application Process

Application Process


Interested candidates must submit a Letter of Intent to Education One describing their desire to establish a school in conjunction with Education One. This Letter of Intent must also describe basic tenets of the proposed school structure, such as the location, the opening date, age range of students, number of students, and curriculum and management structure

Letter of Intent Form – New Operator Request

Letter of Intent Form – Change in Authorizer

Step 2:

Applicants will submit an Initial Proposal, describing the structure of the proposed school. The Initial Proposal must include a Vision and Mission statement for the school, a justification of the school’s expected effectiveness at enhancing the educational achievement of its students, and an in-depth description of the curriculum and management structure of the school. Specifically, the school’s educational model must be stated, its curricular framework must be established in which specific educational objectives for each subject taught at the school are stated, and assessment procedures are explained

Initial Proposal

Step 3:

Education One will review all proposals.  Selected applicants will be invited to submit an Application

Step 4:

Review of Application by the Managing Director and Independent Review Panel

Step 5:

Applicants will present their proposal in a Public Hearing. Applicants will be asked to answer questions from board members and members of the public

Step 6:

The Managing Director will make a recommendation to the Education One Board of Directors regarding the acceptance or rejection of an application.

Step 7:

The Education One Board of Directors will vote to accept or reject an application. Applicants will be notified of the Board’s decision within 24 hours of the vote